Published: Wed, January 10, 2018
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Tesla Gigafactory 2 commences solar roof tiles production

Tesla Gigafactory 2 commences solar roof tiles production

The solar roof and the energy storage Powerwall will combine with Tesla's electric vehicles to create what Musk argues is a complete package for everyone to shift to clean energy.

Tesla said on Tuesday it began manufacturing its premium solar roof tiles at the company's Buffalo, New York factory last month, and has started surveying the homes of customers who made a deposit of $1 000 to reserve the product previous year. The product was unveiled in October 2016 and at the time CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk suggested the first installation of the revolutionary product could happen by the Summer of 2017. This comes over one year after the unveiling by Tesla of the shingles to much fanfare as well as skepticism.

The long-awaited product with which Tesla plans to revolutionize the rooftop solar industry is now available, according to an email from the company. Tesla confirmed both models of the tiles, Textured and Smooth, began production in the last quarter of 2017.

Tesla has confirmed they are finally ready to start the installation of its premium solar roof tiles onto regular customers' houses. CEO Elon Musk has promised the roofs would last significantly longer than traditional shingles, due to their rugged construction. The product will be installed on some customer rooftops in the coming months.

Over the past few months, several sightings of Solar Roof installations were observed by the Tesla community.

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Hugh Bromley, Finance analyst, Bloomberg New Energy opines that there are potentially booming markets for the Solar Tiles beyond the USA, such as Australia. Tesla says that savings from longevity and electricity of the Solar Roof makes the choice reasonable though.

As affirmed by Musk himself, the 1.2 million-square-foot Tesla Gigafactory 2 can produce up to a huge 10 gigawatts of solar products annually. Following collaborative development with Solar City, the Solar Tiles own a unique look distinguishing them from conventional roof tiles albeit having a full-fledged solar panel.

NY committed $750 million to help build the 1.2 million-square-foot factory in Buffalo, which now employees about 500 people.

Comparatively, opting for the Tesla roof is more expensive than using traditional materials, but not by an overwhelming margin. A plain-old asphalt roof with panels would run about $22,000, Bromley said.

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