Published: Thu, January 11, 2018
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Cambridge-based Redux bought by Google

Cambridge-based Redux bought by Google

While no one was paying attention at the end of 2017, Google swooped in and purchased a company in the United Kingdom called Redux that has a couple of pretty unique ideas around display panels.

Redux is able to turn displays into speakers by putting small actuators on devices, according to Engadget.

The Redux panel speaker uses patented bending-wave technology to produce superb audio directly from a vibrating surface, without the need for a bulky enclosure. Mashable was able to show off a demonstration of the tech in action during MWC 2017.

However, the more interesting application of Redux's technology is tactile feedback.

Some of Redux's tech has already appeared in PCs and vehicle infotainment systems. With Google's acquisition, that may change soon. Needless to say, the tech that helps integrate smartphone speakers within the display will be invaluable for Google or any other smartphone manufacturers.

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If Google decides to use Redux's display-speaker technology on its future Pixel phones, the company could achieve a better bezel-less design without removing front-facing speakers. While the external space a speaker demands is one thing, it also occupies room inside the phone. This also opens up the possibility of placing even more components in future devices, like larger battery.

It is unclear what work the Redux team will do for Google, or already has been doing, but it's possible that they could be working to use the technology to improve the sound quality of Google's own smartphones.

Google quietly acquired a United Kingdom tech startup without anyone noticing - until now that is.

Google has made a concerted effort at CES to promote new features in its series of voice-controlled speakers.

It remains to be seen what Google's plans are for this technology.

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