Published: Thu, January 11, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

The original Game Boy is coming back and we can't wait

The original Game Boy is coming back and we can't wait

What do you make of the Ultra Game Boy? Another childhood Nintendo classic is headed back to stores.

Tech site Gizmodo were the first to break the news about the return of the Game Boy and they say that the reboot product is now being called the Ultra Game Boy while it's in the process of development. While rumors of a "Game Boy Classic" have been around for a while, though, another company might beat Nintendo to the punch.

That now seems set to change, as Gizmodo reports from CES on the Ultra Game Boy, an aluminum-cased portable console that resembles the slimmer Game Boy Pocket more than the bulky 1989 original system.

This can be switched off if you really want the authentic Game Boy experience of tilting it away from the glare of the sun. In addition to the original's volume and contrast dials, the Hyperkin console will have a third dial to adjust the color of the console's backlit LED display.

While Nintendo itself is not behind the Game Boy remake, the Japanese firm has recently released miniature versions of its classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Super NES (SNES) consoles. It also adds an LCD backlight to the screen with an adjustable color spectrum, which can also be turned off for a more classic sense of Game Boy play. The reason for stereo speakers is for allowing musicians to create modern chiptunes using the handheld.

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The remake follows other popular Nintendo reissues like the NES Classic and the SNES Classic which have become best-sellers.

If you're interested in the Ultra Game Boy, you'd better start looking for your old games right away.

Hyperkin is planning to launch the Ultra Game Boy (definitely not its final name) before the end of the summer for a price point under $100.

It charges via USB, with a battery that lasts six hours, and is housed in an aluminium casing - a significant upgrade on the original Game Boy's plastic shell.

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