Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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Avengers Infinity War: Chris Hemsworth SPEAKS OUT on Thor 4 rumours

Avengers Infinity War: Chris Hemsworth SPEAKS OUT on Thor 4 rumours

Not only is the man constantly immaculately dressed, he's a boundless ball of joy and energy who turned his Thor: Ragnarok set into one big 'ol dance party.

The critics praised Waititi's direction in particular, which brought something fresh and vibrant to the superhero franchise. It's so incredibly extra, and exactly what Waititi - who built up hype for his film by releasing those hilarious Team Thor mockumentary shorts - would do. In an interview with USA Today, Hemsworth revealed that he discussed ideas for a potential fourth Thor film with Waititi on New Year's Eve. But it also was like what could we do with four?

'But also, just to work together again. The actors seemed to have fun, the characters seemed to have fun, and most importantly, the audience definitely had fun. This is the most delightful piece of footage that could come out of Thor: Ragnarok, which is a movie chock full of delightful, hysterical moments. That absolutely shined through in the finished film, and of course Waititi is a fantastic filmmaker to boot, but honestly I'd also watched an entire spinoff focused on the adventures of Korg if it meant we got to see more of Waititi in front of the camera. "So it's exciting cuz it feels like, if Chris were to do this again it wouldn't feel like 'oh it's the eighth time I've done Thor, ' no it will feel like the second or third time I've done this character", Waititi continued.

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Hemsworth told IGN that while it was fun playing the Asgardian crown prince, but he felt restricted doing it. "Same with Mark Ruffalo".

"This last week, I was sitting there and as they wrapped me, all of a sudden it sort of hit me". And dare I say it, more human.

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