Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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BJP asks Rahul Gandhi to 'stop teaching from foreign soil'

BJP asks Rahul Gandhi to 'stop teaching from foreign soil'

Gandhi had on Monday accused the government of dividing people on the basis of caste and religion, alleging it was converting the anger of jobless youth into hatred among communities. He said Indian diaspora had lost hard-earned money because of policies like demonetisation. There are two clear threats facing our country today, he said. "And we will be in Canada, we will come and have a chat with you in Canada", Gandhi said in a reply on being asked about his plans to visit Canada. It landed a crippling blow to India's overall economic growth.

"It is impossible to build a global vision for India in the 21st century without our brothers and sisters who live abroad", he added.

Gandhi also lamented that the government's inability to provide 'education and jobs to these youngsters is a recipe for disaster'. As in Berkeley during his U.S. trip, Rahul said the twin challenges facing India were rise in sectarianism and failure of the government to create jobs. The youth are asking a very simple question, what are we going to do in future.

Citing Mudra loans given to tens of millions of people, rise in road construction works and opening of call centres in tier two cities, Prasad said this has led to the creation of employment as he refuted Gandhi's charge that the government had not created enough jobs.

USA hopes Pakistan would 'turn over' terrorists
Terrorists continue to operate freely inside Pakistan and there is a relationship between terrorist organisations and the establishment, he said.

He continued with his strident attack, adding, "Activists and journalists are threatened; they are shot dead for expressing their views". People are killed due to their religious beliefs, Dalits are beaten into submission, judges investigating sensitive cases die under mysterious circumstances. "And through all this, the government has nothing to say". "The attempt by Rahul Gandhi to "malign" India's image on the foreign soil is highly shameful", he said at a press conference.

Congress said Gandhi's visit is part of his interactions with Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs).

"Together, we must steer India back to its original strengths, we need to make India the centrepiece of ahimsa, of non-violence, of compassion". "He has said many things, which are not normally said in a foreign country".

"I am here to tell you what you mean to your country, you are important, to tell you that there is a serious problem at home, and to tell you are part of the solution".

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