Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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Civilians die in air raids on Syria's Eastern Ghouta

Civilians die in air raids on Syria's Eastern Ghouta

Airstrikes have continued to hit the rebel-held city of Harasta, with the United Nations warning that as many as 400,00 civilians in the area face "complete catastrophe" because aid deliveries have been blocked by the government and people needing urgent medical treatment have not been allowed outside the enclave.

More than 40 people have died in recent air raids by Syrian state forces on rebel-held positions near Damascus. "Two servicemen were killed in the attack", RIA Novosti wrote.

Russian Federation rejects Syrian opposition and rights groups' accusations that its jets have been responsible for deaths of thousands of civilians since its major intervention two years ago that turned the tide in the country's almost seven-year-old war in favor of President Bashar al-Assad.

Assad forces have been bombing Eastern Ghouta since November 14.

Eastern Ghouta, a small enclave east of the capital Damascus, is controlled mostly by rebels from the Jaish al-Islam group.

Two Russian soldiers were killed by shelling at the Hemeimeem air base in Syria on December 31, the Russian defense ministry said Thursday.

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However, the newspaper Kommersant reported that the terrorist attack caused the deactivation of at least seven planes of the Russian air force, including four SU-24 bombers, two modern SU-35C fighters and an AN-72 transportation aircraft.

"On January 3, the Russian Defense Ministry said that on December 31 Russia's Mi-24 helicopter crashed due to a technical malfunction during a flight to Syria's Hama airfield".

With four fatalities this is one of the deadliest single days for the Russian army in Syria since it entered the conflict and brings the total number of officially reported losses to 44.

Russian Federation became involved in the multi-front conflict in September 2015, when it began an aerial campaign in support of President Bashar al-Assad's military.

Russian air strikes have helped President Bashar al-Assad's struggling forces regain control over Syria.

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