Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Intel CEO kicks off CES with security update, drones and quantum chips

Intel CEO kicks off CES with security update, drones and quantum chips

It's a symbol of what's possible, Krzanich said, as Intel seeks to remake itself.

Intel has also signed a partnership with Ferrari North America that will see the Ferrari Challenge motorsport event using its Xeon processors and deep learning technology to collect and stream video from the event, as well as mine the resulting data for insights. While he didn't address the shakeup in Monday's keynote, Krzanich began his remarks by addressing the security issue head-on. As part of the deal, SAIC will develop autonomous vehicles based on Mobileye technology. "That is why we built Intel Studios, which is the most advanced data-driven content creation studios", Mr. Krzanich said.

The power of data is going to change a lot of things we do in the coming years.

The company hit headlines earlier this month after researchers found security vulnerabilities affecting a large number of chips from Intel and other manufacturers.

The rest of his speech focused on innovation and the not-so-distant future of data-driven technology. Not surprisingly, Intel's goal is to tap into and harness the applications that require the most data, and thus generate the most demand for its chips.

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The CEO unveiled Intel's first autonomous vehicle in its 100-car test fleet, disclosed that BMW, Nissan, and Volkswagen are moving to autonomous vehicle deployment using Mobileye-mapping, and announced new collaborations with Chinese companies SAIC Motor and NavInfo, to extend crowdsourced map building to China.

This "immersive media" viewing experience is also being expanded by installing cameras in players' helmets in the National Football League to provide viewers with their perspectives, Intel announced.

"A common element to all of the published attacks for all three vulnerability variants of these attacks so far has been the use of cache timing attacks to leak the read speculatively read data to the attacker", Capsule 8 stated in a blog post.

In his keynote, Krzanich predicted that quantum computing will solve problems that today might take our best supercomputers months or years to resolve, such as drug development, financial modeling and climate forecasting. Krzanich showed off another new chip during his keynote, and it's a doozy: A 49-qubit chip for quantum computing.

Among some of the experiences Intel will offer at the CES are VR. Needless to say, Krzanich is bringing in the big guns to gain consumer confidence back quickly. Intel's new Immersive Media technology will give viewers the choice they have never had, of watching from any angle they want, any perspective from inside or outside the field, even within it. Analysts also find it suspicious that Krzanich sold a large amount of his Intel shares in November.

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