Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Senate Democrats: Putin aligned with anti-Semites in attacking democracies

Senate Democrats: Putin aligned with anti-Semites in attacking democracies

Several probes into Russia's election interference are ongoing in Congress and an independent investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller is also examining the issue.

Harrington reportedly suggested such a thing in order to "refram [e] our interests within the context of a new relationship with Russian Federation", a former official, who was present when Harrington suggested the idea, told the Daily Beast. The report shows that Putin's threat to the U.S., and its allies, is growing.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee ranking member Sen.

By taking the side of a hostile foreign power trying to sabotage our elections, by doing nothing to prevent future attacks, giving Russian Federation a blank check to interfere in our elections in the future, Trump is colluding with Putin this very moment.

The White House did not immediately provide a comment on the matter after The Daily Beast's request. The congressional and the FBI investigations into the Russian meddling have haunted Trump, thwarting Russia's hopes for better ties with the US under his administration.

"The current President of the United States has barely acknowledged the threat posed by [Russian President] Mr. [Vladimir] Putin's repeated attacks on democratic governments and institutions, let alone exercised the kind of leadership history has shown is necessary to effectively counter this kind of aggression", the report, released by the committee's top Democrat Senator Ben Cardin, finds in its opening paragraphs.

The next meaningful deadline under the new Russian sanctions legislation is January 29, at which point companies will be penalized for engaging in "significant transactions" with Russian defense and intelligence targets. The State Department missed its first deadline on those sanctions, and lawmakers are watching closely to see whether the administration complies promptly. It predicts potential trouble ahead.

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The report by Cardin was commissioned in the wake of the 2016 election after American intelligence officials concurred on an assessment that found Russian Federation attempted to interfere in the American election.

"If the United States fails to work with urgency to address this complex and growing threat, the regime in Moscow will become further emboldened", the report says. In a statement announcing its unanimous decision, the council said it was renaming "the portion of Wisconsin Avenue in front of the Russian Embassy" after him, Politico reports.

"The president is who he is", said one senior Democratic congressional staffer, "and we don't have illusions about changing the president".

The United Kingdom has made a point of publicly chastising the Russian government for its meddling in democracies, and it has moved to strengthen cybersecurity and electoral processes, the report notes.

"Both parties, the report said, 2are strong supporters of the Kremlin's foreign policy and have widely used fake news and conspiracy theories in their media campaigns, often orchestrated by Russian state media".

Smaller countries such as the Nordic states have emphasized critical thinking and media literacy among their populations.

The move provoked a predictable backlash in Russian Federation.

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