Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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A swarm of home-made drones has bombed a Russian airbase

A swarm of home-made drones has bombed a Russian airbase

Russia's defence ministry said on Friday it had found and killed the group of militants which attacked its air base in Syria in December, Russian news agencies reported.

Russia's defence ministry on Thursday said that the drones used to attack two Russian military bases in Syria were so high-tech they were created to offset jamming technology.

The Russian President also added that the nation is aware of how well-prepared the attacks were and "when, where and how many" drones were handed over. "Each drone used in the attack carried 10 such ammunition pieces", Novikov said.

Another three drones targeted a Russian naval base at Tartus. In September 2017, Vladimir Putin said that he believes all future wars will be fought by drones, explaining "when one party's drones are destroyed by drones of another, it will have no other choice but to surrender", according to the Associated Press.

Home-Made Drones Bombed a Russian Airbase, Defense Ministry Says
Russia: Drones that attacked base in Syria came from rebel-aligned village

The attack heightened tensions between Russian Federation and Turkey, which wields significant influence with some rebel groups in Idlib.

Turkey has been fiercely opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during his country's six-year-old civil war but has recently been working with his allies Russian Federation and Iran for a political resolution to the conflict.

Putin said Moscow knows who helped stage the attack on the Russian bases, but he didn't identify the country allegedly involved, saying only that it wasn't Turkey. Secondly, it was about our relations with our partners - Turkey and Iran. "These were provocations aimed at thwarting earlier agreements", Putin said. We have a ideal understanding of that and will act in solidarity.There were provocateurs there, but they were not Turks....

It's hard not to think of that futuristic slaughterbots in that viral video, except that those were autonomous and the drones that attacked the Russians were most likely remotely controlled.

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