Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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Aussies accuse Ed Sheeran of stealing their song

Aussies accuse Ed Sheeran of stealing their song

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Ed Sheeran and others are involved in a lawsuit filed Wednesday (Jan. 10) in a NY federal court over the song "The Rest of Our Life".

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two singers are being sued by songwriters Sean Carey and Beau Golden.

He has also gone after Sheeran before, when the British pop star was accused of appropriation over his hit Photograph.

"The Rest of Our Life" songwriters Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge, Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac are also named in the suit, as well as Sony / ATV, Universal Polygram, WB Music and more.

Carey and Golden also claimed that Sony Music Entertainment, the company that released "The Rest Of Our Life", knew the copying had occurred but did nothing to prevent it and didn't alert the pair. It's alleged that from there, other people within Sony provided the defendants - including Sheeran - with access to Rae's song.

According to the lawsuit, Carey and Golden have record deals with major labels and music direction positions with Netflix.

While working together in December, Jasmine Rae, Golden and Carey listened to "The Rest of Our Life" after Rae noticed a fan's tweet about the song.

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The complaint, which was filed on Wednesday (January 10), alleges that the 2014 song was knowingly ripped off.

"Mr. Holland admitted to knowing about the Infringing Song months in advance of its release because he was tasked with promoting and marketing the Infringing Song and Infringing Sound Recording before its release". The two were tipped off during a conference call with Tim Holland, a Sony marketing manager and the boyfriend of "When I Found You" co-writer Jasmine Rae.

They go on to claim that Holland had previously "indicated" he was aware of the similarities between the two tracks, that he was "instrumental in bringing Plaintiffs" work to the attention of McGraw, Hill, and Sheeran, and "likely provided access to it".

Holland is not named as a defendant in the suit, and Rae is not a plaintiff, though she and the plaintiffs are said to have enjoyed "excellent professional relationships and communication since the song's creation".

The plaintiffs are asking for a judge to award a permanent injunction blocking the use of the song, and are seeking at least $5 million in monetary damages, according to the newspaper.

As an alternative theory, the plaintiffs stated that Sheeran was "touring extensively" across Australia when the track "When I Found You" was being played frequently on the radio.

TIO reached out to Sony Music for comment.

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