Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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Celebrity Big Brother's India Willoughby Stuns Housemates With Alien Abduction Claim

Celebrity Big Brother's India Willoughby Stuns Housemates With Alien Abduction Claim

The men won two of the three challenges and so won control of the house, meaning they will nominate next.

India has repeatedly raised eyebrows during her time in the house with a series of startling comments, including a claim that she may once have been abducted by aliens, and as a result had horizontal scars on her back.

The transgender newsreader was booted from the Borehamwood mansion on Friday night after finding herself in the bottom two with Love Island's Jonny Mitchell.

When Andrew asked if he treats Shane differently when he's dressed as Courtney, Shane continued: "You're more flirtatious, I think understandably so, you're a young viral man with sexual desires, and Courtney is aesthetically a tarty, attractive woman".

A self-described Big Brother superfan, Willoughby said: "My tactics were all over the place and I think in terms of it being an intellectual show once you're frozen out it's really hard to get back into the conversation".

But Shane I'm cool with and I think it's because I know who's behind the exterior, ' she said.

Speaking to host Emma Willis, she said: 'I had so much more to offer, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

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She once told Prima magazine: "I don't want to encourage eating disorders. This is what people see and it's not the real me".

I think I irritate the whole house and it's becoming a little bit embarrassing.
I don't really feel I did myself justice. My tactics were all over the place.

India, who identifies as a woman after having gender reassignment surgery, previously came under fire for claiming she has a "phobia" of drag queens.

"I do have good bants and I can chat".

"I should have come in and kept my gob shut, but it's pointless, I got it wrong and I know that".

She finished: "It's a girl thing". The fun side, if you get my meaning'.

Wayne made the confession during Wednesday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother during a conversation with Ashley James, 30 - prompting Ginuwine, 47, to admit he had never heard of the rock legend.

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