Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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China, Japan criticizing upcoming conference on North Korea hosted in Vancouver

China, Japan criticizing upcoming conference on North Korea hosted in Vancouver

More curious is the summit's guest list, made up of so-called "sending countries" that contributed troops to the United Nations force in the Korean War.

The Vancouver waterfront may seem like a curious locale to plot such strategy but academic Roland Paris said Canada is doing Tillerson a favour by helping showcase global solidarity for the pressure campaign. China and Russian Federation, which both oppose the proposal for maritime interdiction, have not been invited to the summit.

"He's clearly trying to pursue the diplomatic and economic option to the maximum in the hopes of creating the conditions for a negotiated outcome", said Paris, an associate professor at the University of Ottawa and former foreign policy adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"China will not attend such a meeting".

He also said that China would continue to make its own efforts to push the peninsula nuclear issue back to the track of dialogue and consultation as well as settlement. It continued: "The current situation in the Korean Peninsula is very complicated and sensitive".

"Like the worldwide community, we hope that the United States and North Korea will take the opposite direction and take meaningful steps towards dialogue and engagement", he added.

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"We've been very pleased that China has certainly given much fuller implementation", Brian Hook, director of policy planning for U.S. secretary of state Rex Tillerson, told reporters in Washington on Thursday.

Although U.N. sanctions ban countries from issuing new work visas to North Koreans, the waitresses working in China may be in the country on previously issued visas that have not reached expiration. "This is not an alternative to everything that we are doing", Hook said.

Both Canadian and American officials said that they will be briefing China on the results of the Vancouver summit.

Meanwhile, Japan is questioning why countries like Colombia and Greece will be there - and it won't.

They also agreed that North Korea will send a high-ranking delegation, a taekwondo demonstration team and a cheering squad to the Winter Olympic Games scheduled to be held in South Korea's PyeongChang on February 9-25.

One source who worked at one of the restaurants said performers could stay as part of a "cultural exchange" agreement between China and North Korea.

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