Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

DACA DENIED: Federal Judge BLOCKS Trump's 'DREAMER' Decision

DACA DENIED: Federal Judge BLOCKS Trump's 'DREAMER' Decision

The Times report said that decision set off a fierce debate in Washington as Democrats and Republicans spar about how to provide relief for about 800,000 immigrants who could face deportation when the program ends on March 5.

Underscoring the hurdles facing the effort, other Republicans undercut the significance of the deal the half-dozen senators hoped to sell to Trump. The agreement would reportedly help DACA beneficiaries stay in this country, though details were unclear.

A January Quinnipiac University poll found that Democrats have a 17-point advantage over Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections.

"I've served with "The Democrats" for 17 years, and not one has ever been intent on 'having people and drugs pour into our country, '" Flake tweeted.

President Donald Trump announced he would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in September 2017, and people have been lobbying to keep the policy in place ever since.

The judge's decision came the same day the president met with lawmakers to discuss a legislative renewal for the program.

"Durbin said Graham immediately spoke up against Trump's comments, and he commended the Republican senator for doing so". The spouse and the children, the minor children, of people who receive green cards to come to the United States should obviously be able to accompany them.

"I think the president really is in the middle on this", Heitkamp told "Squawk Box", referring to the DACA issue. "Trump won this election in large part by having a different attitude than the rest of the GOP Establishment on the issue of immigration".

"It's going to address DACA in a permanent way, not a temporary short-term thing", Goodlatte told Mr. Trump in the Tuesday meeting.

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Instead, Trump had also invited some of Congress' hard-line opponents of the bipartisan agreement being put together by the six-member working group led by Durbin and Graham. "We anticipate that in our bill by noting that the president wants to move to a merit-based system, but we don't attempt to do that in this bill".

"We are now working to build support for that deal in Congress", they added. "It's got to include the wall".

Would the Democrats shut down the government over DACA?

Meadows acknowledged the divide Trump could cause in pushing for that kind of deal. DACA recipients have to renew every two years, per the executive order's rules.

The moment that President Donald Trump agreed with Sen.

"Normally they bring the reporters in for just the first five minutes of a meeting, they say a few platitudes, and then they usher the reporters out and then they get down to business", he says.

Diaz says the meeting was a fascinating window into how Trump negotiates.

The United Nations human rights office on Friday said the "racist" remarks would incite xenophobia.

Conservative radio host Michael Savage said Wednesday, "I realize that [House Minority Leader Nancy] Pelosi has dreamers and Trump has dreamers, and the church has dreamers, but what happened to, we, the American people who dreamed about making America great again?"

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