Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Dark Souls Remastered will feature 2K unconverted textures on the PC

Dark Souls Remastered will feature 2K unconverted textures on the PC

The latest game in the series is Dark Souls 3, launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC back in 2016. The Nintendo Switch will run at 1080p on TV mode and 720p while in handheld mode, but it will be locked at 30 fps for both modes.

A remaster of hugely influential action RPG Dark Souls is coming to Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 25, Bandai Namco has announced. Dark Souls Remastered will include the Artorias of the Abyss DLC from the start, as well as an increased resolution and framerate.

The official announcement came via today's mini Nintendo Direct video. Sure, Dark Souls III is the "big closure" to the series, but Miyazaki never ruled out FromSoft revisiting earlier games in the series since remastering games is all the rage these days.

PS4 players who can't wait to get their hands on "Dark Souls Remastered" will want to check out this gorgeous special edition version called the "Dark Souls Trilogy Box".

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If surprise Total War games aren't your thing, how about surprise Dark Souls ones? The game will also contain online multiplayer functionality that allows up to 6 players to team up together.

In GameSpot's original Dark Souls review Kevin VanOrd awarded it a 9.5/10, describing it as "riveting". And that's what makes it so riveting.

So, there you have it: Dark Souls: Remastered on the PS4 Pro will no longer feature HDR Lighting.

"How awesome that such a bad place could be so inviting". So, if you don't own one, then you might have to give this purchase a pass. "Dark Souls doesn't just surpass other dungeon crawlers; it skewers them with a razor-sharp halberd and leaves behind their soulless corpses".

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