Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Google is adding new capabilities To Google Duo

Google is adding new capabilities To Google Duo

Google Play bans software that promotes sexually explicit content, and the company has safeguards in place to prevent malware-laden apps from infiltrating the platform.

And in case a user hits a button to navigate away while the Duo call is connected, similar to how a full-fledged app functionality would allow you, it will show you a persistent notification icon that can bring the call back into view, at any point. Clicking on the ads will redirect the victim to download a dodgy Android app called Goldeness Browser. "Indeed, these plots continue to be effective even today, especially when they originate in apps downloaded from trusted sources such as Google Play". Then there were some ads that tried to trick the user into giving up their phone number by telling them that they had won a prize.

Once downloaded, the malicious apps displayed "highly pornographic" pop-up advertisements in a new web page, and attempted to scare users into installing fake security apps.

"An experienced eye could easily foresee this tactic, though a child playing a game app is easy prey for such nefarious apps", the researchers said.

The researchers also discovered that the malicious code can move laterally within the phone's infrastructure, opening the door for other attacks, such as user password theft.

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"The most shocking element of this malware is its ability to cause pornographic ads (from the attacker's library) to pop up without warning on the screen over the legitimate game app being displayed", it said.

A complete list of the affected apps is available in Check Point's report.

It also has a much wider range of malicious activities that it could pursue because the malware simply receives a target link from its command and control server and displays it to the user.

Games like Fit Nights Survival Craft, McQueen Car Racing Game and Addon Pixelmon for MCPE are believed to be the most popular apps affected by AdultSwine.

For someone without the app, they will see it as an incoming call with a view of your camera.

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