Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Loyal Dog Walks 40 Miles to Find Previous Owners

Loyal Dog Walks 40 Miles to Find Previous Owners

She walked, not once, but TWICE back to her family's home in an effort to find her people. Cathleen was placed in a temporary home about 20 miles away from the family.

Cathleen, however, missed her original family so she walked from Prague to Seminole, a almost 20-mile journey, in search of them.

A loyal dog named Cathleen walked almost 40 miles in search of her previous owners who made the hard decision of giving her away.

A dog lived with her family in Seminole until her owners moved and weren't able to keep her. "She wants to be everyone's friend".

"Her heart wants to be with them but they can not keep her".

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Many Facebook commenters lamented why a family who loved her would give her up, and some offered to adopt her. "Friendly", reserve animal control officer Lynzi Thompson told KOCO.

The Seminole Humane Society stepped in to help find her home.

'We need to be very careful in her placement or she will end up further away and may try to come back and it would not end well, ' she said.

The shelter says it's now sorting through many applications from families who are interested in adopting her. 'We are working hard on just the flawless, secure place'.

When the story made it to Twitter, it made many users there sad that the family gave her up.

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