Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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President of the Mormon church, Thomas Monson, dies at 90

President of the Mormon church, Thomas Monson, dies at 90

They believe in the Bible and a book of scripture called the Book of Mormon.The church, formally organized in 1830 in Upstate New York, has 15.9 million members worldwide, according to its website.

The Utah Jazz have announced that they will honor the late President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Thomas S. Monson with a moment of silence prior to tonight's game against the New Orleans Pelicans.

Following the church's announcement of Monson's death Tuesday, local leaders expressed their condolences and mentioned what Monson meant to Utah and the Mormon community.

The BBC reports that he became the 16th president of the LDS Church in 2008.

He was 90 years old and led the church for 10 years.

I entered a large conference room where the reception was being held and was stunned to see several members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles mingling and shaking hands.

To the more than 16 million members of the Church around the world, President Monson was an example of one who followed Jesus Christ.

A former editor of the Deseret News - where Thomas once worked - said the faith leader grew up in a poor neighborhood of Salt Lake City where he watched his mother give food and aid to transients during the Great Depression, KSL reports. Orrin Hatch, who said of Monson, "Service was his motto and humility his hallmark".

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The comment "truly flies in the face of accepted behaviour and practice", said Ebba Kalondo, spokeswoman for AU chief Moussa Faki. Durbin, the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate, described the president's words as "hateful, vile and racist".

President Nelson is unlikely to deviate much from President Monson's conservative course, Professor Cannon said.

He added, "While I will miss President Monson, I am sure he had a happy reunion with his wife, Frances". "President Nelson is remarkably healthy", Eric Hawkins, a spokesman for the church, said.

He also got his MBA from Brigham Young University and he was a veteran of the U.S. Navy. High-level national AJC delegations visited LDS Church headquarters in August 2012 and November 2013, and in February 2014, LDS apostles visited AJC's global headquarters in NY. The change triggered a historic influx of missionaries, and proved a milestone change for women by allowing many more to serve. The church has also backed political candidates, such as Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

A successor to Thomas Monson's position has not yet been named.

Eyring and Uchtdorf served as first and second counselors to Monson, respectively.

Being one of the president's two counselors doesn't push them to the front of the line to become the next president. Nelson has served as the President of the Quorum of the Twelve since July 2015.

Monson's last appearance at the biannual General Conference was last April.

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