Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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Salman Yusuff Khan: I'm enjoying choreographing Bigg Boss 11's finale acts

Salman Yusuff Khan: I'm enjoying choreographing Bigg Boss 11's finale acts

Hina says she knows that he will stop him. In a way, it was the last opportunity for the contestants to show their calibre and skills in the reality show, because Weekend Ka Vaar is scheduled to take place tomorrow which is more of an assessment of a participant's performance in the game.

Later, Vikas and Shilpa were seen criticising Puneesh for not being loyal to anybody in the house.

Vikas asks Hina to get the coffee that she saved for her parents and the cup which was given it to him by her boyfriend, Rocky Jaiswal. But Shilpa claimed that Hina can cook, but she never wanted to work, which is why she has never shown that side of hers in the house. Vikas tells Shilpa that she has to forfeit the task, "Vikas City', but continue to help him against Hina".

Now, he put his family photograph over a pillow and asked Hina to tear the pillow cover using her heels. Vikas wants Shilpa to feed him some papaya as part of the task and she tells him that the house is unusual.

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For Sunday grand finale night, Salman Khan will be gracing Bigg Boss 11 looking dapper in a formal suit. In fact, Vikas's mother even praised Shilpa many times. He orders her to keep her feet on his mother's picture and Hina very smartly pretends again as if she is trying hard to kick the cushion on which the family photo is placed but to no luck. Vikas asked Shilpa Shinde to either jump in the pool which she hates or press the buzzer to exit from the task.

Hina pretended to break the bracelet without actually being serious about it. Hina thanks Puneesh for supporting her. Vikas gets miffed with Puneesh after he sided with Hina.

The show is going to end in two days, and even as only four contestants have remained in the house, the fights and arguments are still going on because if the task. Both the ladies in the house are summoned by "dictator" Vikas Gupta in the garden area. Will the same make her the victor of Bigg Boss 11?

While Shilpa supported Vikas, Puneesh had a totally different point of view. To prove to Shilpa Shinde that she can't cook, Hina Khan entered the kitchen to fix a meal for herself. She is seen talking to cameras that Shilpa thinks she knows cooking but she can not even cook for herself.

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