Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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What does Sessions' policy mean for the future of marijuana?

What does Sessions' policy mean for the future of marijuana?

OR voted in 2014 to legalize personal possession, manufacture and sale of marijuana for people 21 years of age and older.

Considering how courageous they've been in standing up to Trump so far this year, I think we know which route they'll take.

In Florida, more than 70 percent of voters approved a constitutional amendment in favor of medical marijuana.

"This has been, and still will be, a matter of prosecutorial discretion", Smith said in a news release.

SPARC founder Erich Pearson said he hopes USA attorneys across the country, particularly in Northern California, will focus on actual crimes and not waste resources prosecuting "state-licensed legal, taxed and regulated cannabis that's created to keep the drug out of the hands of kids".

Today the Attorney General rescinded the Cole Memo on marijuana prosecutions, and directed that federal marijuana prosecution decisions be governed by the same principles that have long governed all of our prosecution decisions.

Adam Braverman, the interim US attorney for the Southern District of California, said he was grateful for the additional resources.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions changed all that on Thursday.

Sessions and some law enforcement officials in states such as Colorado blame legalization for a number of problems, including drug traffickers who have taken advantage of lax marijuana laws to illegally grow and ship the drug across state lines, where it can sell for much more. He added, "I'm not even considering that".

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A name no one knew a day ago - unless you were facing charges related to a federal crime - is now a big Colorado name when it comes to legal marijuana. Paul said Thursday that he spoke with U.S. Sen. California law regarding marijuana dates back to 1996 when Californian's legalized medical marijuana.

A few days ago, amid the Fire and Fury talk, there was a New York Times report saying President Trump tried to get Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself in the Russian Federation probe. "For Sessions to really cut the legs out of all those programs is unconscionable".

Becerra has not ruled out a lawsuit, he said Friday.

"We live in an odd time when the attorney general of the United States is criticized for simply enforcing federal law", Lankford said. Sessions is leaving it up to federal prosecutors in states that allow its sale and use to decide whether to crack down on the marijuana trade.

4, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he's rescinding the Obama-era policies that allowed legal marijuana to flourish in states.

The memo refers to the 1970 Controlled Substances Act, where cannabis is classified as a drug in the same category as heroin.

The laws against marijuana were democratically passed and enacted: they should be enforced, as all laws are supposed to be.

Gardner said he found out via Twitter that Sessions was changing the policy.

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