Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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White House Makes Rural Broadband a Priority

White House Makes Rural Broadband a Priority

President Donald Trump plans to promote his tax overhaul law as a boon for rural America during an address to the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Trump also spoke about the upcoming farm bill, Trump introduced Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts, R-KS, who had flown on Air Force One with the president from Washington to Nashville to hear the speech.

"For years, many of you have endured burdensome fines, inspections, paperwork, and relentless intrusion from an army of regulators at the EPA, the FDA, and countless other federal agencies", Mr. Trump will say.

President Trump also said that within the first 11 months, his administration has canceled or delayed more than 1,500 planned regulatory actions, most notably the Waters of the United States rule.

Trump's comments about the reduced estate tax - also known as the "death tax" - drew a standing ovation at the Farm Bureau's national gathering, and it was a boast Trump seemed to relish making.

The president said he was working hard on renegotiating NAFTA to make it fairer for farmers and ranchers. "And we're fighting for our country", he said.

The president took a victory lap with the recently passed tax reform bill that included several provisions that benefit US farmers and agribusinesses.

The objective of the visit was to promote his administration's five-point plan to turnaround struggling rural communities.

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The second day of the American Farm Bureau Federation convention is when the spotlight is usually on the big name keynote speaker, the secretary of agriculture, and the big award winners at the meeting.

"That is why today, in a few minutes, I will take the first step to expand access to broadband internet in America", Trump said before signing an executive order that declares the executive branch will use all viable tools to get broadband to rural areas.

"I was pleased he acknowledged the importance of exports and that he is working to renegotiate a better NAFTA".

Referring to it as "the bad waters of the United States rule", the president said farmers and ranchers had come to him in tears after he signed an executive order to rescind a 2015 WOTUS rule, because he had "given them back their property".

President Donald Trump likes a good applause line. "We ditched the rule", he said, to the members of the organization which led the charge to "Ditch the Rule" when it came out in 2015.

And every Democrat in Congress, Trump noted, "voted against tax cuts for the American farmer and the American worker". "There's plenty of space for people to express their views in protest, but we love our flag and our anthem, and we want to keep it that way". "I support a bill that includes crop insurance", he said.

"On November 6, 2017, the Department of Agriculture announced it will invest more than $200 million to help bring broadband to rural communities", the White House released.

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