Published: Sun, January 14, 2018
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Ellen Degeneres forced to leave home after mudslides

Ellen Degeneres forced to leave home after mudslides

Cal Fire puts the affected area at 30 square miles.

"I have never met anyone quite like her and never will again", her daughter-in-law Sarah Gower wrote on Facebook after authorities confirmed Gower was one of 17 people killed by mudslides.

Once inside the house, Farrell starts walking around securing the home, and ordering his 71-year-old mom Gabrielle to wake up his dad, 81-year-old Olympian Jeff Farrell. "That is why we have the canines to help us assist in those efforts to either sniff out or guide us to areas potentially that could have other people that need assistance and rescue".

And rescue teams were still slogging through the mud, hunting for the missing and assessing the damage. "Literally. Ran for my life". Neighborhoods were wiped out and roads strewn with massive boulders and trees.

Farrell walks around the house to reveal the devastation.

Searchers had checked most of the debris zone for victims and some were doubling back to leave no stone unturned Thursday when a crew ended up in the backyard of Bill Asher, who lost his palatial home and a similar one he was restoring next door.

Mr Johnson told the Santa Barbara Independent newspaper that the pair joined a fireman to dig the toddler out, before scooping mud out of her mouth.

"I am blessed and I am going to do whatever I can for the rest of the community", she said, "and we all just love the firefighters". "I hope it's OK". After everything we've been through I think a lot of people thought they were just being overly cautious, but exactly what they feared happened.

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[I] ntense wildfires transform rich soil into a dense, water-repellent surface. "They're finding people and bodies and I mean, you hear the word mudslide and you have no idea the impact that it has".

Another contributing factor is that alerts about potential mudslides did not go out until the flows began.

Gater said more than 200,000 emails and other warnings were issued, but the county decided not to use the push alert system to cellphones out of concern that it might not be taken seriously.

It's unclear how many people actually got the alert.

She did take a look around outside to see just what the driving rainstorm had wrought as it triggered mudslides on hillsides laid bare by one of the largest wildfires in state history just last month.

Among the residents of Montecito, an unincorporated community northwest of Los Angeles, is Oprah Winfrey.

"(But) no storm brings down everything that is susceptible. Only an estimated 10 to 15 percent of residents fled their homes when ordered, and much of the damage occurred where evacuation orders were voluntary.

With most utilities out of commission or about to be cut off, staying behind was not really an option for many.

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