Published: Sun, January 14, 2018
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Orange passports: Rahul Gandhi says it shows BJP's discriminatory mindset

Orange passports: Rahul Gandhi says it shows BJP's discriminatory mindset

Gandhi said the move shows that the government was treating India's migrant workers as "second class citizens". "This action demonstrates BJP's discriminatory mindset", the Congress president tweeted.

In the new series of passports, the last page would be blank because since 2012, all new passports have a barcode, and any information can be accessed by scanning that barcode.

The External Affairs Ministry has also decided not to print the last page of the travel document with the address of the holder.

The last page of passports include the name of the father or the legal guardian, the names of the holder's mother, spouse and their address.

If the MEA decides to go ahead with this plan, these changes will be applicable the next series onwards, and the current passports will remain valid, reported HT.

Officials did not respond to queries on the need to differently colour-code ECR and non-ECR passports when either status can easily be stamped on one of the two front pages of the booklet, as used to be the case earlier.

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But the missing of the last page will not affect the passport office and the immigration department (or security agencies) because all the information of the passport holder is in the back-end.

However, this legendary proof of existence will soon vanish, because Govt of India is planning to create a new design of the passport, with new colours and new features.

With these changes, the passports that require an emigration check may come in orange, to facilitate checks as it will be easier for security officials to identify which passports need a check and which do not.

The government on Friday announced that it has done away with the printing of the last page of the passport.

Passports are now issued in three colours - government officers are issued white passport, diplomats issued red passports and all others are blue.

Passports for citizens who have Emigration Check Required (ECR) status will have orange cover jackets while those already having emigration clearance will receive the traditional dark blue jackets.

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