Published: Sun, January 14, 2018
Life&Culture | By Rose Hansen

YouTube Exec Addresses Logan Paul Suspension:"He Has Made Missteps"

YouTube Exec Addresses Logan Paul Suspension:

Not even 3 days after the new year begins, Logan Paul, famous YouTuber, visits Aokigahara (also known as the Suicide Forest) around the slopes in Mt. Fuji, where he finds a dead body hanging.

The 22-year-old's YouTube channel has more than 15 million followers and was reportedly worth more than 12 million dollars in advertising revenue last year. Google expressed its disapproval and condemned Paul's suicide video, highlighting that suicide should never be seen as a light thing or be exploited as a means to gain more viewers.

Paul, who has 15 million subscribers to his YouTube videos, hasn't uploaded a daily video since since January 2, when he posted an apology. YouTube said on Twitter this week that critics were right to be frustrated by its initial lack of response.

The popular video platform has now removed Paul from Google Preferred, a program created to ensure that brands sell its ads alongside the top 5 percent of YouTube's content creators.

Wrong woman killed in love triangle murder-for-hire plot, officials say
The only similarity between Zengotita-Torres and the intended target was that they both worked at the same store, the report said. Florida police have arrested three individuals in relation to the murder of a woman whose body was discovered on 9 January.

"It's insane - the haters think they're having an effect on us, and if the haters knew how much love was out there and how much support was out there, they'd shut their freakin' mouths", he said in an Instagram video. Without his ability to make the most out of his YouTube videos and majority of his projects removed as companies attempt to distance themselves from him, Paul's fate remains unknown. He recently uploaded an apology video on YouTube ( ), explaining how sorry he really is and that "this is an unforgivable mistake" and he hopes that he can soon be forgiven by all the people of social media.

When reminded of the previous uproar over comic vlogger PewDiePie's anti-Semitic "jokes", Kyncl remarked that YouTube's decision to halt their relationship with Paul is indicative of their efforts to reduce these issues going forward.

YouTube was criticised for moving slowly in response, taking almost two weeks to take action.

"In light of recent events, we have made a decision to remove Logan Paul's channels from Google Preferred", a YouTube spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter in an email statement. YouTube also said it would not feature Paul in the fourth season of its series "Foursome" and would put other work on hold.

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