Published: Mon, January 15, 2018
Medicine | By Earnest Bishop

Tennessee's flu season likely to get worse before it peaks

Tennessee's flu season likely to get worse before it peaks

The flu in Georgia is spreading quickly, with hospitals reporting an increase of flu-related cases in recent weeks. The agency said that due to the spike in flu cases around the country, the grand rounds session will offer the latest information for public health professions on how to reduce the spread of the seasonal flu and how to adjust to spot shortages of antiviral drugs.

The current flu vaccine has little effect on the flu strain going around that leads to severe symptoms, Fox32 reported. Early findings show it will provide about 30 percent protection, which isn't very good.

Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is urging residents to still get their flu shots.

Yes, you may get the vaccine and still get sick.

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Federal health officials cite the bad winter weather and the severe strain for the high number of hospitalizations, Fox32 reported. Symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose and muscle or body aches.

If you feel as if you're having trouble breathing, or if your fever can't be controlled with medication such as Tylenol, check with your doctor. Stay away from others who are sick and when you're out in public places, keep your hands away from your face until you can wash them.

It's hard to predict which strain of flu will be prevalent in each flu season, and since each flu vaccine only works against its specific strain it's almost impossible to ensure that you vaccinate everyone against every strain they're likely to be exposed to. "We're seeing a lot of people with the flu and we're seeing a number of people who are really sick with the flu", said Dr. Ira Helfand. And experts say that even in the cases in which the vaccine fails to prevent infection, it can help stop complications such as pneumonia and death. In total 20 children have died this season from the flu. This year, 'Aussie flu', strain H3N2, might hit the United Kingdom particularly hard, after causing one of the worst Australian flu seasons in the last decade. "Today alone we've seen 5-6 Tamiflu prescriptions come in and last flu season between October to January we filled only two Tamiflu prescriptions so a huge increase this year".

Beth Hardy, spokeswoman at Gwinnett Medical Center, said they have an adequate supply of medicine to fight the flu, but they also have suppliers on standby should they need to refill in a hurry.

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