Published: Tue, January 16, 2018
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Chelsea Manning files to run for US Senate

Chelsea Manning files to run for US Senate

Chelsea Manning: former WikiLeaker, possible future Senator.

She's also the subject of an upcoming Showtime documentary, XY Chelsea, that follows her release from prison; it was produced by Laura Poitras, who made the Edward Snowden doc, Citizenfour.

Manning filed his statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Committee on January 11.

Manning still has a felony record, but Maryland law extends voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences.

"Yup, we're running for senate", the tweet said. He is fundraising through ActBlue, a clearinghouse for liberal fundraising.

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The video, uploaded Sunday, is anti-government and shows violence, including scenes from Antifa and the Charlottesville riots.

Manning shared the video on Twitter, accompanied by the words "yup, we're running for senate", a series of emojis, and her trademark #WeGotThis hashtag. "Times of fear, of suppression, of hate". We don't need them anymore. "We need to challenge them at every level", the announcer says in the ad. They won't support us. "We need to fix this".

As of Monday morning, Manning's ad is unavailable to YouTube users under 18. He posed in a women's swimsuit for Vogue, was removed from Harvard University as a "Visiting Fellow" after just two weeks, and has been barred from entering Canada due to committing in the USA what the Canadian government considers treason. She was placed in solitary confinement after attempting suicide twice.

Ms. Manning, previously known as Bradley Manning before coming out as transgender, was convicted in 2013, but was pardoned by former President Barack Obama. "How did that work out?" Snow became the Democratic nominee challenging incumbent Sen.

In any case, if elected, Manning will be the first transgender member of the U.S. Senate.

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