Published: Tue, January 16, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Google Arts And Culture App Matches Your Selfies With Famous Art

Google Arts And Culture App Matches Your Selfies With Famous Art

So how can India users try out the "selfie matching" feature on the Google Arts & Culture app?

They say that we all have a doppelganger out there; someone who looks nearly just like we do. It matches facial attributes in the selfie and the historical portrait, and lets users know the percentage of resemblance.

The feature appeared roughly a month ago, but first went unnoticed due to the lack of promotion.

Though anyone can download and use the Google Arts & Culture app, the new feature is now region locked to United States and not available in India and other countries. An app that is a delight for art and history lovers, one that allows users to take virtual tours of the world's most famous museums and galleries right within their mobile screens, one that is a well of knowledge and information on centuries-old art and cultural history. As of writing today, the app is still tops on the free app side of things.

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The latest addition to the Google Arts & Culture app on Android and iOS enables users to match their selfies with famous portraits from worldwide museum galleries. The AI then works its way through the thousands of paintings in the database to find the closest match possible.

Some of the matches seen were very good, while others made no sense at all. Some blame poor matches for races other than whites on the lack of museum representation.

One asterisk on the app is that it's not available in all areas, as a Google Spokesperson told SFGate that the app is limited to the United States, minus IL and Texas.

"Nobody could possibly begin to understand how upset I am", about the app not being available in Chicago, wrote Catland Bukater on Twitter.

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