Published: Tue, January 16, 2018
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WhatsApp might soon notify you of spam messages

WhatsApp might soon notify you of spam messages

Two WhatsApp blog sites, and WABetaInfo, report spotting notification messages in the app which appear meant to warns users that they are at risk of forwarding some spam - by displaying a notice that the message "has been forwarded many times".

The warning feature is now being tested in the beta version 2.17.430 of the app. According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will be able to identify spam messages that have been shared multiple times. Spam messages are those which a user sends in bulk to its list of contacts. However, there are a couple of instances where they won't realize the message they just got was spam, especially if it's one of those messages which tells them WhatsApp is going to charge money soon.

As of now, WhatsApp automatically blocks forwarded messages which have been forwarded more than 25 times.

WhatsApp looks out for messages that have been forwarded many times, a likely indicator of either spam - forwarded deliberately - or a hoax message, which people are often fooled into forwarding.

Meanwhile, in the last 48 hours, several Indian WhatsApp users have faced an "Obsolete Error" message, wherein they were not able to login into their account and use any of the features.

We've all been on the receiving end of chain message spam on WhatsApp.

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The introduction of the new feature shows that WhatsApp is serious about tackling fraudsters from sending fake messages, photos and videos in order to steal users' sensitive information such as bank details and personal information.

Threema is another app who showed trivial flaws but they already took steps to fix its software by releasing a security update patch. Some that even after deleting and re-installing the app did not fix the problem and WhatsApp was showing the same message.

When the users visited the Google Playstore to update the app, then they received the message that their app is already up to date.

WhatsApp had to issue a statement, that this was a bug, and they are working on it.

This is absolutely false, but not well-versed users may believe to these messages, or they may be bothered for them.

When we will have more information about this feature, we will immediately inform you, notifying on Twitter and our Telegram channel.

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