Published: Wed, January 17, 2018
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Google Cloud launches toolkit to make AI easier for businesses to use

Google Cloud launches toolkit to make AI easier for businesses to use

Cloud AutoML helps tech professionals build custom machine learning (ML) models, using techniques like transfer learning and learning2learn, the post said. Kaggle, our community of data scientists and ML researchers, has grown to more than one million members. "Only a handful of businesses in the world have access to the talent and budgets needed to fully appreciate the advancements of ML and AI", wrote Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist of Cloud AI at Google, in a blog post.

Google is looking to bring the benefits of AI to every business with the launch of a machine learning new platform.

Google had announced a new product as part of its Cloud enterprise offering: Cloud AutoML, which relies on providing machine learning-based solutions to all businesses, irrespective of whether they have expertise in the field or not.

Google has long offered pre-trained neural networks accessible via APIs that can perform certain tasks, but that's only useful if you need exactly what that model does.

Unless you've got a machine learning expert on the payroll, using those techniques to build the appropriate training model for your data set is extremely hard. There's a very limited number of people that can create advanced machine learning models. The model provides a simple graphical user interface that enables a layperson to specify data, then turns that data into a model customized for specific needs.

However, for a more accurate model, Google will charge companies according to what computing resources they consume, as it does on Google Cloud.

Overwatch Blizzard World Release Date Revealed, New Map Coming Very Soon
It's a sumptuous celebration of Blizzard's accomplishments, wrapped up in one of the best competitive shooters in recent years. The Blizzard World map will be heading to Overwatch on the 23rd of January across all platforms, in addition to new skins.

Google's Cloud Auto ML will have a drag-and-drop interface to let businesses easily upload images, train and manage models, and then deploy those trained models directly on Google Cloud.

The service, Cloud AutoML, uses machine learning to automatically build and train learning algorithms. Or Disney annotating its products so they are more searchable for consumers shopping online.

Li said the service was developed in collaboration with Google Brain and other Google AI teams and has been piloted with select clients like Disney and Zoological Society of London. In order to achieve this, ZSL has deployed a series of camera traps in the wild that take pictures of passing animals when triggered by heat or motion.

Google Cloud AI has launched other programs to help spread AI in the past year. "This is a labour-intensive and expensive process", said Sophie Maxwell, conservation technology lead at ZSL.

"ZSL's dedicated Conservation Technology Unit has been collaborating closely with Google's CloudML team to help shape the development of this exciting technology, which ZSL aims to use to automate the tagging of these images - cutting costs, enabling wider-scale deployments and gaining a deeper understanding of how to conserve the world's wildlife effectively".

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