Published: Wed, January 17, 2018
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Like other carriers, Project Fi now has a fake unlimited plan

Like other carriers, Project Fi now has a fake unlimited plan

So Bill Protection is a cap on your bill that allows you to use as much data as you want while your bill potentially never eclipses $80, though you can pay much less on those months where you use less data.

Project Fi's Bill Protection is rolling out beginning today, so individual customers and groups will see it present on their next billing cycle. So those who use more than 6 GB in a month will only be charged for 6 GB. Google is now introducing a feature for Project Fi customers that will fix this particular situation. There are, of course, a few difference between Project Fi's Bill Protection and unlimited data plans from the other carriers, and those might make a jump to Project Fi worth it. Now, with Bill Protection, your total outlay per month would be capped at $80 once you use over 6GB of data. So your maximum bill could be $135 (plus taxes).

All of the other perks of Project Fi carryover, meaning that if you consume just a little bit of data during a billing cycle, you won't be paying full price like on other carriers.

Two caveats: First, if you are a heavy data use that manages to gobble up 15GB of data in a month or more, your speeds will be slowed. Now, that's pricing transparency.

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Where Project Fi lost some of its appeal was with users who use a lot of data.

Meanwhile, Bill Protection also applies to data used through data-only SIM cards. Google likens it to an unlimited plan, as you can use as much data as you want, but only pay a certain amount. If you have a heavy month of usage and you crest over 6GB, it's all included and billed as a flat $80. Google set up a calculator to see exactly how much you can save each month.

The addition of unlimited data to Project Fi is likely a reaction to the rise of unlimited wireless services from all of the nation's wireless operators.

Project Fi subscribers don't have to do anything to enable Bill Protection. That 15GB of data usage on Fi used to cost you $170 for the month, too - and now it's just $80.

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