Published: Thu, January 18, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Trump 'mentally sharp', but needs to lose weight

Trump 'mentally sharp', but needs to lose weight

Of course there are those who say they don't care about Trump's weight.

Asked how Trump could have such a good health report despite not exercising or having a good control of what he eats, Jackson commented: "It's called genetics".

But the physician said Trump's cardiac health was excellent, noting the president had undergone an exercise stress test, and said he consulted cardiologists about Trump's coronary calcium score.

"I don't know. It's just the way God made him", Jackson said. "He has incredible genes, I just assume".

He's also gained three pounds over the previous year, according to records - not surprising based on his steady diet of McDonald's, Diet Cokes, and his favorite travel companion - endless bags of chips - aboard Air Force One.

"Trump said that he also gets exercise on the golf course, even though he usually uses a golf cart to traverse the course because walking the entire course takes up time".

Trump's former campaign aides, Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, wrote in their new book documenting the campaign, " Let Trump be Trump", that Trump's diet consisted exclusively of fast food.

The cognitive test taken by Donald Trump last week is not a comprehensive psychological evaluation, its creator has said.

"He is more enthusiastic about the diet part than the exercise part, but we're going to do both", Jackson said. Jackson said he could stand to lose 10-15 pounds.

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Dr. Ronny Jackson, a Navy rear admiral who directs the White House medical unit, conducted Trump's annual physical last Friday.

"Me being up here right now, I think I need a drink of water", he said.

Jackson said Trump received a ideal score on a cognitive test created to screen for neurological impairment.

Jackson confirmed that there is "no indication whatsoever that the President has cognitive issues".

But already some are questioning whether his true weight was provided following the examination, with some claiming the president must be heavier than his official 239 pounds weight.

Donald Trump is in "excellent" physical health and performed "exceedingly well" at a cognitive test, a presidential medical has found.

Jackson also faced questions on whether Trump had dementia, OCD, diabetes, dentures, or heart problems. "On occasion, I have to get the first lady involved to make sure he's doing what he's supposed to be doing".

The physician said he would increase Mr Trump's daily dose of Crestor, a cholesterol-lowering drug, and bring in a nutritionist to work with White House chefs. Tests of the liver, kidney and thyroid were all normal.

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