Published: Thu, January 18, 2018
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White House supports short-term spending bill to avoid shutdown

White House supports short-term spending bill to avoid shutdown

"I am looking for something that President Trump supports and he has not yet indicated what measure he is willing to sign", McConnell said.

This morning, House Republican leaders are scrambling to find enough votes to avert a government shutdown before tomorrow night's deadline. They have the leverage to do so because Senate Republicans would need at least nine Democratic votes to support any funding measure.

Republicans are hoping to win over members-including potentially some Democrats-by adding the full six-year reauthorization of the Child Health Insurance Program to the CR.

"I'm just exhausted of voting for CRs", said Sen. She said her parents "never took a thing" from the government while achieving the American dream. "It completely hurts our ability to kind of negotiate with the other side when he keeps throwing bombs into the mix".

The president had just seemingly endorsed California Democratic Sen.

The White House has endorsed the stopgap measure, including the funding for the children's program.

Trump's tweet also put House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., in the awkward position of having to answer questions about whether the president understood the funding legislation - and whether he is an unreliable ally in the current brinksmanship.

The back-and-forth was reminiscent of the chaos that erupted last week after Trump tweeted criticism of an intelligence bill that his administration had endorsed the day before.

"I am sure where he stands", Ryan said.

UPDATE: Just to compound matters, Trump has publicly rebuked his chief of staff.

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"We do the support the short-term CR".

On Tuesday, Trump laid out his argument that Democrats "don't really want" to extend protections to DACA recipients and that they would be to blame for a shutdown.

Many Democrats have said they will not vote for a spending bill this week needed to avoid a partial government shutdown without a deal on DACA.

"All of these Democratic senators represent tens of thousands of children who depend on (CHIP)", McConnell said.

Talks on immigration continued Wednesday, with White House officials dispatched to meet with an array of House and Senate players, but the parties emerged to say they had only agreed that House and Senate leaders would meet again on Thursday.

"Shame on any of us if we sit here and say, OK, we're going to let it run out for the sake of politics and shut the government down", Manchin said Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation". "We are now working to build support for that deal in Congress", the bipartisan group of six senators said in a joint statement last week. But an increase in military spending would need to be offset by cuts to domestic spending, which is a non-starter for Democrats.

"If it's shut down over immigration, the Democrats take the brunt of that", said Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., the chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus. On Thursday, Freedom Caucus spokesman Darin Miller told USA TODAY that number still stood despite ongoing negotiations with GOP leadership. Ryan said party leaders have not checked whether Republicans have enough votes to keep government open.

Menendez said he hoped it was clear to Kelly that "they're going to have to come more to the center if they truly want a fix". "Our members are understanding the gravity of the situation".

No Republican has yet to commit the political sin of declaring him or herself a 2020 White House rival to Trump - but analysts expect several challengers to start emerging after the midterms. Ted Kennedy of MA and Republican Sen. He said he remains confident that some kind of deal on immigration can be worked out before it comes to that. And the White House director of legislative affairs, Marc Short, told reporters there was "no artificial timeline" for a deal on so-called Dreamers and that it would be "herculean" to get it done by this week. With those talks moving at a snail's pace, Durbin and others said there was growing opposition among Democrats to another stop-gap spending measure - not only because of the immigration issue, referred to as DACA, but also because the spending bill did not address other Democratic priorities. Bob Casey were among the Democratic lawmakers avoiding direct answers in recent days on whether they would vote for a funding bill while DACA's fate hangs in the balance.

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