Published: Sat, January 20, 2018
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How a Government Shutdown Could Affect Your Travel Plans

How a Government Shutdown Could Affect Your Travel Plans

Military members get paid on the 1st and 15th, so if a shutdown continued through February 1, USA troops would not get paid The entire federal government doesn't shut downIn 1981, the Office of Management and Budget identified three "excepted activities" that will continue regardless of a shutdown: those "authorized by law", those that "protect life and property" and those "necessary to begin phasing out of other activities".

Veterans Affairs: Ever since a scare about veterans not getting their health care during the last government shutdown, the Veterans Health Administration has been getting its funding appropriated in advance. It's a talking point used by many congressional Republicans hoping to put Democrats on the spot by saying a shutdown would mean the troops don't get paid. So the troops just received a paycheck, and they wouldn't be due for another one until February 1.

With the fate of the spending bill in the balance, federal agencies have been told to prepare for partial government shutdowns throughout America on Saturday.

While active duty military personnel will continue going to work, most civilian Department of Defense employees not deemed essential would be furloughed, said Christopher Sherwood, a Pentagon spokesman.

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Even if Congress passes a budget, the president must sign spending bills into law.

Will lawmakers close their offices?

That gives members of Congress quite a bit of leeway.

I get food stamps. Yes, you will. Though the U.S. Postal Service is a government entity, they have their own finances that will be unaffected by the shutdown.

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Applications for passports and visas weren't processed. National parks across the country closed, as did national museums and zoos.

Anyone with trips to national parks or monuments in the near future should monitor the situation closely. For example, veterans' hospitals usually remain open.

Mid-morning Friday, employees at the departments of Homeland Security, Interior, Commerce and State, among others, said they'd received notices telling them agency leaders were "working to update our contingency plans for executing an orderly shutdown of activities that would be affected by a lapse in appropriations".

LOANS: The processing of mortgages and other loans was delayed when lenders could not access government services such as income and Social Security number verification. That includes the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the military, air traffic control, TSA workers, food inspectors, Medicare and Social Security workers, veterans' health care workers, FEMA and more. However, there could be some delays as "non-essential" employees are furloughed. You should also still be able to travel by train.

Amtrak does receive subsidies from the federal government but is also funded by passengers' fares.

The impact of a shutdown on markets is likely to be limited.

Reopen the federal government: Representatives and Senators would remain on the job, but many staff members would be sent home.

December 21, 2017 -Just hours before going on Christmas break, Congress again averts a government shutdown by passing another short-term bill to keep the government open through mid-January. "So that's when our budgetary laws from past year will expire and we will have a shutdown".

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