Published: Sat, January 20, 2018
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President's Doctor: Trump Asked For Cognitive Exam, Did 'Exceedingly Well'

President's Doctor: Trump Asked For Cognitive Exam, Did 'Exceedingly Well'

US President Donald Trump reportedly asked physician Ronny Jackson to take a cognitive assessment during the doctors visit to the White House. Jackson, a longtime White House physician, said Trump could live up to 200 years if only he watches what he eats, follows a low-fat diet, and maintains an exercise routine.

To pour some cold water on the conspiracy theories: Rear Admiral Jackson is a highly decorated Navy physician who was appointed to the White House during President George W. Bush's second term and was kept on by both the Obama and Trump administrations.

"There's no indication whatsoever that he has any cognitive issues", Jackson told reporters at a White House press briefing.

The doctor also said Trump showed "excellent cardiac results. from a stress test" performed on the president last week.

Jackson said he "found no reason whatsoever to think the President has any issues whatsoever with his thought processes".

"He's very sharp. He's very articulate when he speaks to me", said Jackson, who works in close proximity to the president.

Trump, 71, is 6-foot-3 and his weight is 239 pounds, which is considered overweight by the medical community and just short of obese, Jackson said.

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Trump's blood pressure was 122 over 74, and his total cholesterol was 223, which is higher than recommended.

Trump's body mass index, or BMI, of 29.9 puts him in the category of being overweight for his height.

Trump, who was coy about sharing medical information during his unconventional 2016 run for office, used his first presidential medical exam - conducted on Friday at Walter Reed National Medical Center - to try to put to rest lingering questions about his mental fitness for office.

Dr Harold Bornstein, who had looked after Mr Trump's health since 1980, wrote: "If elected, Mr Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency". Mr Trump aced it and scored 30 out of 30. Trump has no heart disease.

Undergoing this physical is voluntary, and Trump can pick and choose what the public hears about his health.

Mr Trump takes Crestor for his cholesterol, a low-dose aspirin for heart attack prevention, Propecia to treat male-pattern baldness and antibiotics for rosacea.

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment checks "attention and concentration, executive functions, memory, language, visuoconstructional skills, conceptual thinking, calculations and orientation", according to the Boston Medical Center. Jackson said that Trump's cholesterol level is now elevated, so he is increasing Trump's medication.

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