Published: Sun, January 21, 2018
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California couple accused of starving, torturing 13 siblings had "healthy" dogs

California couple accused of starving, torturing 13 siblings had

On Thursday, David and Louise Turpin were charged with 12 criminal counts of torture, seven counts of abuse of a dependent adult, and 12 counts of false imprisonment that could keep them behind bars for life if they are convicted. Three children had been shackled to beds, and deputies found a 22-year-old chained to a bed.

The couple have pleaded not guilty to all of their charges, and did not address the court during proceedings. She didn't tell anyone about her brother-in-law's habit of watching her in the shower because she was "young and scared", she said.

The neighbor recalled once seeing the pre-teenaged children hanging up Christmas lights at the home about two years ago, and said hello.

Flores said Wednesday that she didn't witness the Turpins abusing their children while she lived with them briefly, but she said she did think they were "really strict". Their 17-year-old sister armed with an inactive cell phone escaped through a window and dialed 911 leading authorities to the home.

And yet, some of the children of David and Louise Turpin hatched an escape plan.

When law enforcement arrived, they discovered the couple's 13 children, ranging in ages from two to 29, chained up inside. They were jailed on $12 million bail each. "I want to reach out to the kids, I want them to know that for years we begged to Skype them, we begged to see them..."

"She'd say, "Oh, the computer is broke" or "The camera isn't working", but what she was doing was stopping us from seeing inside their warped and twisted world", he said.

The siblings were described as "malnourished" and underweight, and told authorities they were "starving" when they were found. They lived in Fort Worth, Johnson County and as recently as 2010 in a rural part of Hill County near Rio Vista.

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"I asked her why on earth they wanted more children and she said about wanting a reality TV show, which was also the reason they had moved to California so that they could be nearer to Hollywood".

The paper said the same year David Turpin was working as an engineer for defense contractor Northrop Grumman, earning $140,000 a year, while his wife was listed as a homemaker.

"They would buy food, including pies, apple pies, pumpkin pies, leave it on the counter, let the children look at it but not eat the food", Hestrin said.

"I said, 'Are you serious?"

Similarly, the children were not allowed to play with toys, though many were found throughout the house - in their original packaging.

"This is depraved conduct", Hestrin said. The Mirror reported the school had six students, and David Turpin was the principal. "It breaks our hearts".

David Turpin's attorney, David Macher, said outside the courtroom that "our clients are presumed to be innocent - and that's a very important presumption", adding that the case will be tried in court, not in the media.

Louise's brother said that the discovery has shocked him and other family members, who used to think that David and Louise were living the flawless life. Investigators have recovered hundreds of them, and they're combing through them for evidence.

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