Published: Sun, January 21, 2018
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Here's the cognitive test President Trump passed

Here's the cognitive test President Trump passed

President Donald Trump is in excellent overall health and achieved a flawless score on a cognitive test that the president requested as part of his first formal medical exam since taking office, the White House's top physician announced Tuesday.

"He's more enthusiastic about the diet part than the exercise part, but we're going to both", Jackson said, adding that he might enlist first lady Melania Trump to help. Petersen said he could not comment specifically on the president's cognitive health. Jackson says Trump's heart exam was normal, with regular rhythm and no abnormal sounds.

He said Mr Trump is "absolutely" fit for duty, and that based on his assessment, the president would be physically fit for another term in office.

In a Wednesday CNN report, Gupta reported Trump's score of 133, which he said 'indicates plaque is present and that the patient has heart disease, ' as the number is higher than 100.

"It's called genetics", Jackson said, shrugging.

At the White House press conference, Jackson said he made a decision to run what's called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, known as MoCA.

"His score is 133 and he is 71 years of age, which puts him in the 46 percentile", said cardiologist Dr. Rachel Bond of Lenox Hill Hospital in NY.

"He said, 'I want you to get out there and I want you to talk to them and I want you to answer every single question they have, '" Jackson said of Trump. Jackson said he hopes to bring down the LDL or "bad cholesterol" score with diet, exercise and statin medication.

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Jackson says Trump is healthy and should remain so for the remainder of his presidency. He also takes a low-dose aspirin for heart health.

Jackson gave details on Tuesday following Trump's test at the Walter Reed military hospital.

The MoCA test Trump took includes exercises to the likes of remembering a list of spoken words; listening to a list of random numbers and repeating them backward; naming as many words that begin with, say, the letter F as possible within a minute; accurately drawing a cube; and describing concrete ways that two objects - like a train and a bicycle - are alike.

In discussing his health, Trump has noted his parents' longevity.

It is a well-known and well-tested assessment that doctors can quickly use to detect "mild cognitive dysfunction", according to the test instructions.

Jackson said 12 other doctors consulted on the physical, which lasted more than three hours.

But Mishori cautioned that despite good results on his cardiac exams, Trump is at increased risk of cardiovascular disease because of his age, weight, sedentary lifestyle and cholesterol level.

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