Published: Sun, January 21, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Trump is sharp, but needs to lose weight: White House doctor

Trump is sharp, but needs to lose weight: White House doctor

Sen. Lindsey Graham is blaming President Donald Trump's staff for the president's about-face on immigration that appeared to scuttle a compromise deal to protect from deportation young people brought to the children and living here illegally.

The President is mentally very sharp and very intact.

The White House says Trump has no intention of apologizing.

The writer is a physician.

Based on the blood profile and other health parameters, Jackson said he has recommended diet and exercise plan for the president for weight loss. Slightly less exuberance would be more believable.

Trump is considered overweight and borderline obese at 6 feet 3 inches (1.9 meters) tall and 239 pounds (108 kg). Surely it is time for a ghostwriter to write President Trump's next book: "The Trump Diet and Lifestyle - Your Guide to Excellent Health".

The more obvious reason for Trump's use of Crestor, however, is his cholesterol.

Other than an appendectomy when he was 11, Trump has had no major surgery.

Nearly immediately, NBC's Hallie Jackson asked about the president's "mental fitness" and the White House physician answered "I've spent nearly every day in the president's presence ..."

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The doctor said he accidentally "dried up his secretions" by giving the President a dose of Sudafed. He passed a battery of heart exams including a stress test that Jackson said showed an above-average exercise capacity for a man of his age, despite some calcium buildup in his arteries.

Indeed, Trump's raised cholesterol levels have prompted concerns over the president's heart health, with his weight and cholesterol suggesting he may be at increased risk for issues such as a heart attack or stroke.

Trump's critics have recently questioned his mental fitness - an issue that gained attention in recent weeks over such things as the president's belligerent tweets about North Korea.

Doctors urged Donald Trump to slim down.

'I was there for a very long time, ' he said.

United States political blogger John Aravosis said: "Increasing feeling like Trump's doctor lied, about a lot".

Past presidents are not known to have been tested for mental acuity while in office - including Mr Ronald Reagan, who five years after leaving the White House in 1989 was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, an incurable, degenerative brain condition.

"We checked everything out and everything was normal", he said.

Cody Stanford says she might have bypassed the high tech echocardiogram and CT scan for a simple tape measure: "I would've done a waist circumference to match with the BMI to match with his history of heart disease". One of the President's outside advisers believes this is because Kelly has typically left the White House by 6 p.m., and Trump is once again free to do as he pleases.

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