Published: Mon, January 22, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Billionaire Canadian couple murdered, say private investigators

Billionaire Canadian couple murdered, say private investigators

Private investigators have assessed that Bernard Sherman (75) and his wife Honey (70) were murdered by multiple killers, according to a report by CBC Toronto.

The day the Shermans were found police said that there was no evidence of forced entry into the home.

This second autopsy of their bodies determined that each person's wrists were possibly tied together at some point, but their hands were not bound at the time the bodies were found. However, those close to the couple insisted from the get-go that this was unlikely, and a team of private investigators hired by the Sherman family has now concluded that their death was most probably the result of a professional contract killing.

Both were found with belts around their throats, tied to a railing adjacent to their basement pool on December 15, leading investigators to believe Barry Sherman killed his wife, hanged her on the railing and killed himself.

Private investigators also believe that Honey struggled with her killer or killers.

The Toronto police would not provide any new information or comment on the findings of the family and maintain their classification of the deaths as "suspicious".

Honey Sherman had cuts on her lip and nose and was sitting in a pool of her blood, according to the CBC Toronto source.

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Based on her positioning when she was found compared with the blood stains on her body, she may have been left in one position before being moved and eventually hanged, CBC noted.

The couple's four children, who dismissed the "murder-suicide" explanation, had said they plan to demolish the house once the private forensic investigators have finished their work.

Sherman stepped down as the CEO of Apotex in 2014 but continued in the position of the chairman. The couple was highly visible in Toronto, often lending their names and fortune to charitable causes and also philanthropic work that extended beyond Canada.

The December deaths were initially thought by police to be a murder-suicide, according to local news outlets.

Police say no rope or other ties were found near the bodies but investigators did spend several days scouring the sewers around the couples North York home for evidence.

He told CBC Toronto that he's been skeptical about the possibility that the Shermans died in a murder-suicide since it was first reported as a possibility that the police are considering. Barry founded the pharmaceutical giant Apotex, which netted the family an estimated $4.77 billion.

"They wouldn't do that. They wouldn't end that way".

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