Published: Mon, January 22, 2018
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M 'no' to electoral pact with Congress

M 'no' to electoral pact with Congress

The draft political resolution adopted at the end of a three-day Central committee meeting that saw Yechury's group being outnumbered by more than a dozen votes against any kind of "electoral alliance or understanding with the Congress". "But the line that the party will follow, is the line that will be defined by the highest forum, the party Congress, on the basis of which things will be worked out".

The Polit Bureau's draft, which ruled out any alliance or understanding with the Congress and which was backed by its former general secretary Prakash Karat, was put to a vote in the Central Committee and supported by 55 members, with 31, including Mr. Yechury, opposing it, and no one abstaining.

Kolkata: The CPI (M)'s Central Committee (CC) today adopted a draft political resolution ruling out any form of electoral alliances or adjustments with the Congress, party general secretary Sitaram Yechury said.

A vote was taken on Sunday, which Yechury wanted to avoid, said two leaders of the party, who asked not to be named.

Accusing the BJP of befriending "fissiparous" outfits and "extremist organisations" to defeat the Left Front in Tripura, the CPI-M on Sunday said the party was contradicting its own objective and propaganda of "Hindutva nationalism". There is no divergence of views on the other proposals in the draft report to be discussed at the party Congress.

However, highly-placed sources said at least 12 state units are prepared to move an alternative draft at the 22nd party congress to be held in Hyderabad in April.

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They also said the Kolkata CC meet was the third such meeting of the body over the two resolutions and a decision has to be made this time.

Yechuri stated that now the draft political resolution will go to the rank and files of the party and then to the party congress for final say. All units and members have the right to submit amendments to the draft resolution.

"This was not a vote to decide on who won or who lost". While Yechury, known to be more pragmatic has the backing of the Bengal faction, the more hardline, Karat on the other hand is being supported by the party's Kerala leadership.

The powerful Kerala and Tripura lobbies have sided with Karat on the issue. Party insiders said Yechury's backers may also give a final push to change the party's tactical line during the April meeting.

Though the central committee and the politburo are dominated by the Kerala faction, a state where the CPI (M) is in power, it is the other state committees, led by West Bengal, which are keen on an alliance with the Congress as the party cadre feel that without it the party will lose all its electoral relevance. "I came here as General Secretary, as the party told me to get back to you as its General Secretary".

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