Published: Tue, January 23, 2018
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Frenzied attack on comedian in the middle of his set

Frenzied attack on comedian in the middle of his set

It is unclear as to why the fight started but the individual who uploaded the video to Facebook said Brown asked the man what was his problem was.

Steve was doing a set at the Comedy House in Columbia, South Carolina when a guy in the audience jumped onstage and just went insane, first trying to viciously strike Steve with the mic stand and then a stool.

"So I asked him what was wrong, I said my man you ok? and he just started mumbling and going insane and I just said dude its not that serious you cool?"

Brown questioned the man, who was identified in the report as "Marvin", if he was OK. LaSha said that throughout Brown's performance, Marvin was fazed out, staring into a corner.

Two others were injured by the base of the mic stand, which flew into the crowd when Brown's attacker swung the stand, according to the report.

Comedian Steve Brown assaulted on Sunday evening on stage by rowdy attendee. Fortunately for Brown, he was able to escape the attack with minor injury. However, things take a dramatic turn when the audience member reaches for the microphone stand and starts swinging it at Brown, which hits his arm. After the show, Brown took to Instagram to address the incident and to let his followers know that he was OK.

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A number of people were hurt during the incident, including Brown who spoke about the attack on Instagram.

It is not clear exactly why the man launched the attack.

Deputies with the Richland County Sheriff's Office say the suspect left before officers arrived.

'I thank God for looking out for me and giving my old ass the ability to Bob and weave because this could have ended in a frightful way'.

"I noticed he had like this really insane look on his face, like he was in deep thought or like he was just mad about something", Brown told WLTX. A security guard was also punched in the face by the attacker. He also did $400 in damages by smashing the mic, dishes and glasses.

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