Published: Tue, January 23, 2018
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Ivana Trump Agrees That Donald Trump Is a Not-Racist, Stable Genius

Ivana Trump Agrees That Donald Trump Is a Not-Racist, Stable Genius

Issac Newton Farris Jr., the nephew of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., on Monday night stood behind his earlier comments that he does not think President Donald Trump is racist.

"I can not agree to a deal that does not give the tools and resources to the men and women of Homeland Security to do the job you have asked them to do", Nielsen told Durbin at a different point in their ten minute back and forth. Trump said, according to these people, referring to countries mentioned by the lawmakers.

Now President Trump, who campaigned heavily on immigration fears, has to dance a delicate foxtrot between the demands of his hyper-conservative political base and his need to win enough Democratic votes to pass a bipartisan immigration deal. Perdue said the description of Trump's comments was "a gross misrepresentation", and Cotton said he didn't hear Trump use the expression. Cotton and Mr. Perdue could be technically correct if Mr. Trump had instead said "shithouse", Mr. Durbin was incredulous. Tom Cotton issued a statement on Friday saying they "do not recall the President saying those comments specifically".

The path to a deal seems even more complicated after last week's coarse Oval Office conversation, and Mr Trump has accused Mr Durbin of undermining the trust necessary to reach an agreement. Richard Durbin, D-Illinois, and Lindsay Graham, R-South Carolina. Graham has yet to confirm or deny whether the president use the term "shithole countries", but reportedly told colleagues the reports about the comments are accurate.

The President has suggested a government shutdown would hurt the military and wants Democrats to get the blame if that occurs.

Browns hire ex-Steelers OC Todd Haley to run offense
In 2017, Roethlisberger finished 13th in the National Football League with a 93.4 rating, and Bell finished third 1,291 yards. Haley will most likely be the play caller for the Browns, Hue Jackson has been the player caller for the past two seasons.

According to a poll from Business Insider's partner MSN, 48% of respondents thought Trump's comment was racist, while 51% said it wasn't and 1% wasn't sure.

Congress must pass a stopgap spending bill to avoid a government shutdown by next weekend, as the current spending law - itself a stopgap measure -runs only through January 19. "They were not made". "We have people pouring in".

Democratic lawmakers "don't want security at the border", Trump said. "So those are some of the sticking points". Durbin speak up in the meeting?

Asked by reporters if he has spoken to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un following his refusal to answer the question during a Wall Street Journal interview last week, Trump again did not answer the question. "They have a couple of meetings scheduled, a couple of additional meetings scheduled, and we'll see what happens. Hopefully it's all going to work out", said Trump. We knew it in the 1970s, when he and his father were twice sued by the justice department for refusing to rent apartments to black people.

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