Published: Fri, February 02, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Stormy Daniels denies Trump affair but plays coy later

Stormy Daniels denies Trump affair but plays coy later

Case in point, when asked to comment on the discrepancies regarding her signature on different signed statements, she danced around confirming whether or not she signed the latest affair denial. Of the obsession with sharks Daniels alleged in the interview, she said that lots of people are obsessed with sharks. He then pointed out what appeared to be discrepancies between her signature on Tuesday's statement and her signature on a previous statement and promotional materials.

"Did you sign this letter that was released today?"

A BuzzFeed News reporter shared a statement apparently signed by Clifford and denying that she'd ever had an affair with Trump ahead of her appearance on Kimmel's show.

Well host Jimmy Kimmel came with receipts and pressed Clifford about the statement she released.

This comes following news reports that Melania Trump is annoyed about the alleged affair, and jetted off to Mar-a-Lago at a cost of almost $64,000 to taxpayers.

A week after that report, In Touch magazine printed a 5,000-word interview that it conducted with Daniels in 2011 but never published after Cohen threatened the tabloid with a lawsuit.

The interview details Trump's alleged sexual relationship with the star.

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A smirking Daniels responded with a "I don't know, did I?" before saying that it "doesn't look like my signature".

This did not stop Kimmel from further indulging in gags about Trump's penis, and presenting a doll to Daniels so she could pinpoint exactly where the president had touched her exactly.

"You're so smart, Jimmy". Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, first made allegations she'd had a relationship with Trump in 2011, according to the Associated Press.

Stormy Daniels uses a puppet to play Never Have I Ever with Jimmy Kimmel. We may not know anything new about the alleged Trump affair, but we know one thing.

Speculation that the First Lady may be slighting the President, and that their marriage may be in turmoil, was only fueled by the fact that she broke a year-long tradition when she arrived to the State of the Union address in a separate limousine from her husband. He asks her if she has had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and she's unable to answer the question. "You can't really say you're not going to come on because of that..."

"What is wrong with you is the question", Kimmel replied.

On the show, however, Kimmel wasn't absolutely convinced, pointing out that the signature on the document doesn't match her regular signature, something she seemingly agreed to.

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