Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Google Hires Samsung's Former Head Of Bixby

Google Hires Samsung's Former Head Of Bixby

"IoT is a new and exciting space with tremendous potential to transform how we use and deploy technology in our everyday lives", Rhee said in a LinkedIn post.

Rhee will also be responsible for creating distinct consumer and enterprise product lines, with the goal of making Google IoT "sustainable and profitable".

However, under unknown circumstances Injong Rhee left the company back in December after more than six years there, most recently serving as a chief technology officer and head of software and services' research and development.

He left Samsung in December previous year for personal reasons despite generous offers.

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Rhee said he aims to harmonize Alphabet's various projects related to the Internet of Things, or IoT, a term that encompasses any device that accesses data online. Rhee revealed in his post that he will function as the entrepreneur-in-residence under Diane Greene who is the chief executive of Google's cloud computing group. Samsung is a business which has been searching for future relevance and losing a senior executive is never a good sign for a business.

Rhee's work with Samsung is widely respected within the company, pushing for the development of Bixby following the company's acquisition of Viv, as well as the acquisition of cloud firm Joylent.

At Samsung Electronics, he oversaw the software side of Galaxy phones. Nest will join forces with Google's hardware team instead of being an offshoot division. He has now been hired by Google. Rhee has been a key player at Samsung since 2011.

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