Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Money | By Armando Alvarado

UK Foreign Secretary to highlight Brexit as cause for 'hope not fear'

UK Foreign Secretary to highlight Brexit as cause for 'hope not fear'

Tom Brake, the Lib Dem Brexit spokesman, said: "If this speech was supposed to offer an olive branch to Remainers, Boris must have picked up the other version".

The Foreign Secretary talked up the UK's military presence in Europe and security cooperation with the continent to demonstrate that "our commitment to the defence of Europe is unconditional and immoveable".

And ultimately, she argued that Johnson's love bombing was still eclipsed by his drum-banging for a "clean break and hard Brexit".

This was an astonishing exercise in hypocrisy from Boris Johnson.

Speaking in London, the foreign secretary set out his vision of a path for an outward-facing, liberal, and global Britain following our exit from the EU.

However, what is not well known is that until he chose to join the campaign to leave the EU, Johnson took the polar opposite position on Brexit.

His intervention comes as the Brexit war cabinet is locked in a major fight on how far and how quickly to diverge from the EU's rulebook. The second was that the vote to leave was a vote for nationalism and xenophobia. "The positions of the European Union are very logical.If these disagreements persist, there will undoubtedly be a problem".

He said anything less than staying in the single market involves border checks.

He also mentioned the British diaspora, living not just in the European Union but in Australia, Canada and the European Union, but also visiting Thailand, where "they get up to the most eye-popping things".

And Johnson certainly set out to address key areas of remainer concern: from Britain's geo-strategic status, to its internationalism, and then the economic risks of a departure from the single market and customs union.

Johnson said there may be "good environmental arguments" against changing rules on certain products but added that "when we are not around the table" we should not have laws imposed on us.

Negotiations for a Government in Northern Ireland have Failed
Sinn Fein's "insistence on a stand alone Irish Language Act means that we have reached an impasse", the leader declared. The DUP wants the UK Government to reintroduce direct rule. "They have now collapsed this process".

"I wonder what he meant by that", is the quote ascribed to Prince Metternich on hearing of the death of the great French diplomat Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord.

"If we did not have one, we would invent something like it", he added.

Johnson was quoted as saying the move was not grounds for fear, but hope and that the 2016 vote in favor of Brexit was about "going global".

Writing in the Sun in advance of his speech Johnson claimed that European Union membership had led to the wages of "indigenous" British people to being suppressed.

"We need a Brexit that protects jobs and guarantees workers' rights".

However, during the period when Johnson was elected twice for mayor of London, he claimed to be the most pro-immigration politician in the country.

He insisted: "It's all about who decides". While also tweeting his opposition. He would later defend this as a "thought experiment" used to clarify his position.

The chancellor is heading to a number of the arguably more-friendly European capitals (Stockholm, Oslo, Lisbon, Madrid - and also The Hague) to discuss financial services and won't be holding back when it comes to the ministerial away day.

Despite briefings that Mr Johnson's speech would be aimed at "reconciliation", the foreign secretary is expected to brand Remainers' calls "intolerable and undemocratic" and that efforts to reverse Brexit would lead to "permanent feelings of betrayal" across Britain.

But Mr Johnson will rule this out, saying: "It is only by taking back control of our laws that United Kingdom firms and entrepreneurs will have the freedom to innovate without the risk of having to comply with some directive devised by some lobby group with the aim of holding back a United Kingdom competitor".

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