Published: Fri, February 16, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Steam Kicks Off New PC Game Sale And Revamps Wishlists

Steam Kicks Off New PC Game Sale And Revamps Wishlists

Steam on Thursday launched its Lunar New Year sale, offering big discounts on thousands of titles. That said, I've picked out a select 50 deals that might pique your interest.

The sale runs today through Monday, February 19. Unlike in the past, Steam no longer does flash deals - all discounts will be available for the entire length of the sale. That's especially useful if you want to whizz down your list and stick games in your cart as you go - say, when it's sale time.

Valve has overhauled Steam's wishlist feature, introducing new filters and sorting options created to make it easier for users to keep track of the games they're most interested in.

Among other things, the new wishlist features should make it easier to see when the games you're looking to buy go on sale. You can filter your wishlist based on price, discount amount, genre, and tags. First of all, various statuses will be displayed in the root wishlist list, including whether the game is in Early Access, what it's score rating is, and you'll be able to purchase without clicking through to the game page, too. Valve has introduced new filters to look at certain types of content (such as games vs. DLC), support for specific operating systems, VR-only games, items under certain price thresholds ($5 or $10), and those that are on sale.

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Unreleased games added to the Wishlist will now have a release date noted. You can also see popular tags for each game underneath the title, and filter out Early Access titles, which will appear again when development is complete.

Also, games can now be added to the cart straight from the Wishlist without needing to visit their store pages.

The changes to the Wishlist come as a result of feedback from users.

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