Published: Sun, February 18, 2018
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Blaney, Elliott win Can-Am Duels

Blaney, Elliott win Can-Am Duels

Last year, he was knocked out of the race just past the midway point.

Ryan Blaney, in the No. 12 vehicle, and teammate Joey Logano battled it out for the win in Duel No. 1 Thursday night in Daytona. But granddad rides around the track with Earnhardt this year.

The longtime driver and one of NASCAR's last active legends was, well, less than pleased watching all those season-in-review videos in 2017 - the ones chock full of his peers' achievements. They like this kid. You're like, 'OK, I'll go with Joey or Brad - they know what they're doing.' You just learn.

Jimmie Johnson, however, one of the first casualties of a 60-lap event that produced four cautions. "He's going to be a superstar".

It's a good deal for Carpenter with Patrick bringing along the "Go Daddy" sponsorship dollars for what is believed to be her final race.

The No. 24 auto of Charlotte NASCAR Cup Series driver William Bryon sits on pit road during qualifying for the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. Elliott won the pole here in 2016, at the tender age of 20. He also wrecked on Sunday in the all-star exhibition race. Several themes plagued last year's race that included pit road speeding violations, tire issues and gas mileage.

Blaney and Elliott didn't seem too excited over their wins Thursday, although Elliott savored the moment of having the No. 9 in Victory Lane. The imaginary consensus is that he'll take off and never look back, and neither will NASCAR.

"I think we try really hard to label things, and maybe we're trying too hard to label things, " said Keselowski, the victor of the Advance Auto Parts Clash last Sunday at Daytona. "I'm not in the position to be anxious about what's on the other side if it's not promised".

Almirola: "If I'm going to watch a sporting event live, I really enjoy going to baseball games". I didn't really like the Eagles because they beat my Falcons.

Slovenia erases two-goal deficit, defeats United States in OT
The difference: They had a two-goal lead then. "I think that's pretty similar to a European style of game", he said. The win feels great, especially after losing the first one, but we don't have a lot of time to celebrate.

Elliott is 22 and one of NASCAR's budding stars. Last year, Truex was leading with two laps remaining, but ran out of fuel and wound up 13th.

Elliott is still seeking his first points victory in the Cup Series after five runner-up finishes last season. He had 12 top-5 finishes and 21 top-10s. Couple the new air guns with the five members over the wall and pitstops will have a whole new feel, times will be down and confusion will probably cause even slower stops as the teams figure out the new rules.

Oh, does NASCAR need that.

"I think our sport really benefits from maturity and experience", he said.

"It kind of gives me a chance to get away from everything for a little bit".

Joey Logano. The Fords have proven to be the cars to beat in the long run at Daytona, and Team Penske's Logano has the plate prowess to be patient when he needs to be (and aggressive when coming to the checkered). He has those Southeast NASCAR ties to those core fans that none of the rest of us will ever have. There's a lot to be done in a short period of time with one less guy.

The Duels were a lot of fun in the past because they led to some of the most dramatic moments of the year. There are only 40 entries this year so everyone will make the race but starting positions can put you in a better spot for the 500. You can sign up for a free 7-day trial no matter what package you choose, plus you can get a free Amazon Fire TV if you prepay two months. "His dad won (most popular driver) like a hundred years in a row".

Awesome Bill has given his son advice, but he can only do so much. "Right now, the cars are so edgy that you are just holding on trying to watch others".

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