Published: Sun, February 18, 2018
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Elise Christie fails to qualify for 1500m short-track final

Elise Christie fails to qualify for 1500m short-track final

Christie has been taken to hospital to have an x-ray. Pray to Mount Olympus it's not the latter.

But there was crushing disappointment once again for Elise Christie, who crashed in the semifinal of the 1,500m in short-track speed skating and was led from the rink on a stretcher.

Britain's gold medal hope from Livingston was carried from the ice on a stretcher after her hopes of 1500m glory disappeared.

The Scot was cautious around the 14 and a half laps of the Gangneung Ice Arena, and seemed happy to bide her time to let the race pan out.

Speaking to the BBC following the crash, Team GB chef de mission Mike Hay said that his sole concern at the time was ensuring that Christie was ok.

"It's hard to write this, it's tough". I'm thinking about Elise [Christie] right now. "I have so much love for short track".

Within moments of Christie leaving the ice her Hungarian boyfriend Shaolin Liu was in action. Sometimes you couldn't make it up.

"It's too early to tell anything, we'll have some scans and find out exactly what the story is". She has got soft tissue damage to her right ankle and we won't be making a decision until Tuesday morning whether she can skate or not.

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She was one of Team GB's certainties for medal in Pyeongchang but so far the bad luck that blighted her displays at Sochi has returned. If only it was always like this.

Trying to regain the final spot, Christie rounded the final bend but tangled with Li as both women crashed to the barriers.

Christie was taken to hospital after colliding with China's Li Jinyu as she tried to finish in the top two.

"It looks like it's her foot, ankle, but I haven't had a chance to speak to her", she said. "She was in great form and I saw her a couple of times and she was in a great place, it's just incredibly unfortunate".

"If she's able to skate she will, I don't think it's a problem for her mentally".

After finishing fourth, after a crash, in the 500m final Tuesday, she put in an impressive performance in the 1500 quarterfinals, only to then crash out on the final bend of the semis.

She had hoped to compete in the 1000m heats in a matter of days. If she qualifies, she'll have more time to rest that ankle before Thursday's finals.

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