Published: Tue, February 20, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Metal Gear Survive Update 1.02 Fixes its Broken Launch

Metal Gear Survive Update 1.02 Fixes its Broken Launch

On February 20 we're getting several interesting cross-platform titles, including The Station (PC, PS4, Xbox One), Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time (PC, PS4), and Metal Gear Survive (PS4, Xbox One). Up to three other players can join your game to explore the world and complete missions with you.

Beta participants will earn in-game bonus items which will be made available upon the game's official release.

Given that Metal Gear Survive has been out for a matter of hours on console, we don't know how exactly those coins will factor into late game balance.

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Konami has come under a lot of controversy for releasing this spin-off title from fans beloved Metal Gear series which was originally created by Hideo Kojima (who was sacked from Konami).

Metal Gear Survive was developed by Konami Digital Entertainment and is the first game in the series after Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and is the first game released after series' creator, Hideo Kojima departed from the company in 2015.

Gamers hoping to play the title on PlayStation 4 last night were met with issues, including an inability to download the game's day one patch. Four player online co-op will be supported in the separate horde/survival mode. What's more is that giant extraterrestrial monsters are put on display, as well as what appears to be a mixture between a Metal Gear mech and a tyrannosaurus rex.

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