Published: Wed, February 21, 2018
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Israel Successfully Accomplished Postponed Arrow 3 Test

Israel Successfully Accomplished Postponed Arrow 3 Test

An "Arrow II" intercepting missile launcher on display at the Palmachim Israeli Air Force base on May 9, 2014.

The Arrow 3 is developed by Israel Aerospace Industries together with USA aircraft manufacturer The Boeing Company and Israeli defense contractors Elbit Systems Ltd., ELTA Systems LTD., IMI Systems Ltd., and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

"Today, the Ministry of Defense and the US MDA successfully completed a flight test of the Arrow-3 Weapons System that is created to defend against ballistic missile threats outside the atmosphere". Two tests of the system in recent weeks were postponed due to technical issues that officials said were not related to the system. This UNN reports citing the message of the Ministry of defense of Israel.

Patel said that the tests in Alaska would be carried out this year.

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The Arrow-3 system, which can intercept ballistic missile while they are still in the atmosphere, was developed by the US and Israel.

The Arrow-3 interceptor capabilities enable longer range, higher altitude exo-atmospheric interception and more precise ballistic missile engagements. "We are very pleased with the results, and the system accomplished all its goals in preparation for the next test". The other tiers include the Iron Dome system for intercepting short range missiles, "David's Sling" a medium-range missile defense system and Arrow-2 weapons system for long-range rockets.

The Arrow 3 is the only interceptor that does not carry a warhead, but intercepts an incoming missile by crashing into it.

Arrow 3 test fire.

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