Published: Fri, February 23, 2018
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What the 'Oprah for president' movement was like for Oprah Winfrey

What the 'Oprah for president' movement was like for Oprah Winfrey

Even with Kimmel saying he would have totally tweeted back, Oprah insisted: "you don't win by meeting any kind of negativity head on". "When I had asked the question of, 'Do you think, do you care about what other people think about America?' And they only used the Democratic side", she told DeGeneres.

Oprah discussed it from the beginning, when she took a stage at the 2018 Golden Globe to receive Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement and delivered a powerful and inspiring speech addressing sexual harassment and assault on January 7.

As one of Oprah's biggest fans, Tiffany was, of course, bummed, but being the comedian that she is she didn't dwell on it, carrying on to tell Ellen and her audience about a business plan she created for her and Oprah to go around to farmers markets and sell vegetables.

She acknowledged, though, having thought about it. "She has the softest hands in the world. And I'm the kind of person who tries to listen to signs, like 'Well, am I supposed to run the country?' I don't think so!" "I don't think so!'"

Does CPAC know who Marion Le Pen is?
But the ambitions of Ms Marechal-Le Pen - whose views of society are more conservative than her aunt's - appear more far-reaching. Ms Marechal-Le Pen has been seen by commentators and some within the National Front as a potential new leader.

"You give a speech and sit down and surprisingly, you've started to run for president!" she mused. The questions were biased and slanted, the facts incorrect.

Winfrey shared some of her Oprah wisdom with Kimmel about that.

"Anthony Anderson also calls me and says, 'My daughter's here, would you just FaceTime with my daughter?' And I tried to and I called back on FaceTime and he goes, 'Oh, she went to the store". Accordingly, Jimmy asked the star if she had been "insecure" anytime in the past 35 years, to which she responded, "Not a second".

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