Published: Wed, March 07, 2018
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Virginia father forces son to run to school for bullying

Virginia father forces son to run to school for bullying

A father was informed about his son bullying people on the school bus, which triggered the parent to punish his 10-year-old by making him walk all the way to school.

Instead of driving his son to school, Bryan Thornhill chose to drive along as his son ran the mile on foot to school.

After finding out that his son had been banned from the school bus for bullying his classmates, Bryan Thornhill took drastic action to teach him a lesson.

Thornhill says his son Hayden had been in trouble before and this time he chose to increase the punishment.

Thornhill goes on to say that since Hayden has been running to school, his behavior has been better and he hasn't been in any trouble since then.

A father's decision to punish his son by making him run the nearly two kilometres to his school after he was kicked off the bus for bullying other children is dividing opinion online. The video has racked more than 1.6 million views as of Tuesday morning. The father advocated for "old school, simple parenting" in several Facebook videos that show the boy running, The Raycom News Network (RNN) reports.

Apparently the punishment has been working as he claims his son's behavior has "been much better", and that his 'teacher's have approved of his behavior this week'.

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"I'm a proud gun supporter, love guns and everything else but I love my children more than anything in this world", he said. I care about the fact the thousands of messages I am actually reading with parents struggling to find ways to help their kids make it in society.

"If you've got your panties in a wad over watching a kid jog, well I feel sorry for you", he said.

He said he's used creative punishments in the past.

"They use shame, humiliation and guilt to try to motivate change in future behaviour", she said. Insinuating that those parents and their children are probably out of shape.

"I'm sure someone will get all bent out of shape, "Oh my God, child abuse!"

"I can't lock them in my safe like I can guns".

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